Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BENJAMIN BENNETT----South Africa's Greatest True Crime Reporter/Author

During his 25years as a crime reporter with the Cape Argus, Benjamin Bennett wrote many books on serious crime, particularly murder, and was acknowledged as the leading author in this genre,at the time,
so much so it is generally understood that he was consulted by the police when investigating some complicated and mysterious crimes.
His many books,some of which are listed below,reflect his close involvement ,both at the crime scene and also in the courtroom where he was regularly seen with pen and notebook in hand !
His books are a jolly good and fascinating read.

Book List:-

They Crossed my Path
Too late For Tears
The Clues Condemn
The Evil That Men Do
Murder is My Business
Why Did They Do It ?
And Your Verdict?
Destiny Comes Too Soon
Freedom--Or The Gallows
Murder Will Speak
The Amazing Case of the Baron von Schauroth.
The Cohen Case.

2nd List To Follow Shortly

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Tim said...

Couldn't agree more! Here are some more books written by him:

Was Justice Done? The Scissors Murder
Some Don't Hang
This Was A Man
The Noose Tightens
Genius For the Defence
Up for Murder
Why Women Kill
Famous South African Murders
Down Africa's Skyways
Hitler Over Africa

Not sure if he wrote one called Why Men Kill?